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I tell you  about me

I have been working as a Professional Consultant since 2016. 

I deal with digital marketing and in recent years I have focused above all on international communication strategies and online presence. 

I chose to propose the digital products of Italia Onlineto offer my services alongside the largest Italian Web Agency.

Want to know more? Contact me to set up a  consultation.

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I welcome you

I work to make myself useless.

I help my clients to better navigate the digital world, I teach them to be  visible and authoritative on the web, I explain them  how to do marketing to provide better services, earn more and work better, I organize language and communication courses and if needed, I translate their texts for foreign markets and I also do legalized translations ๐Ÿ˜Š 

I've been doing this for more than 20 years through consulting and training, I've written a couple of books, ablog, amagazineand i speak iin apodcasts.

In 2016 I foundedWorldWideMediaAndWWM Communication, two vertical brands dedicated to digital marketing and communication

I am convinced that with the right words, all  boundaries can be crossed..

Corso Italy, 10,

39100 Bolzano BZ,  Italy


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